Still In Progress....

Shamelessly Showing off my Finished Objects


Shawls and Scarves

Hats and Mittens

If you are a knitter (Or crocheter or spinner) and you don't know about Ravelry, get thee over to asap! It's a world-wide social network for fiber artists, with a yarn and pattern database, forums, and countless groups created by members for just about every non-fiber related topic you can think up. Find me under "People" and my user name "withavision".


  1. Yeah!!! Now you can post your projects here and I can check them out. My mom likes to see what you are making too so she can see them here too :)

    1. Hey Stef - I've made some changes to the page so I deleted your other comment since it didn't make sense anymore :-) But I will always hold it in my heart <3