Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Adoption Update!

Some of you may remember my post about my dolls a few weeks ago. I put three of them up for adoption, and they all found Forever Homes in just a few hours.

*Harriet moved to Arkansas to live with my 2 year old third Cousin, Hailey.
My Cousin (Hailey's Gramma) tells me that the other day, Hailey looked under Harriet's shirt and said "Ucky" (Yucky?) and brought her over to the toilet and sat her on the seat. And poor Harriet fell in! I'm sure she feels loved by now :-)

*Petrushka went to stay with a friend in Louisiana for a week or so before leaving for her new home. When she arrived, I received this message from my friend:

Just letting you know, Petrushka made it here safely! I had to open the package because she was begging me to let her get some air after the long journey! And she is so wonderful - I don't know why you think she was a failure because she has been a fabulous guest so far and her dress is beautiful! She will camp out here until the weekend, when she will hitch a ride with Jon to her forever home! :)

A little while later, her husband sent this picture when he was getting ready to deliver her to a friend, who intended to give her to his niece (It is still unclear about where she went, but it is possible that she left the country to go live in India! I will post an update on that when I know more)

Petrushka's first trip in a car (not in an envelope)

*And Louise traveled over the Hudson River to live with the 6 year old niece of a close friend from church. Louise is greatly loved in her new home. There is no picture available, but I trust she is in good hands. I think her Grandfather is a pastor :-)


  1. Hi Hannah, Just wanted you to know the doll you made went to my 6 yr. old neice Savannah. The doll happened to look so much like her, that we named it 'The Savannah Doll". She is greatly enjoying it. Thank you for your labor of love!!!

  2. Glad to hear they all found good homes :) Too funny about Harriet.

  3. Hey Stefanie - Harriet is living with our cousin Debe's granddaughter :-)