Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Michael Buble'

Yay! Oh Yay! I've just downloaded Michael Buble's latest Album: To Be Loved *sigh* Michael Buble' is certainly God's gift to...ME! :-)
As a rule, the only songs I don't like that he does, are the ones that I fell in love with before I heard him sing them. "That's All"? Only Rod Stewart can do it. "Moon Dance"? Van Morrison. Okay, I'm actually sick of it after listening to it a hundred times in a row, which is probably the real reason I don't like it. "How Sweet it is" -James Taylor, "You're nobody till somebody loves you" -Dean Martin - *dreamy sigh* I <3 Dean Martin about as much as Michael Buble' so let's not go there. But "Have I told you lately that I love you?" - Maybe it's because, in a fit of (my thesaurus is failing me at the moment....) self love? Big-Headedness? I fell in love with my own piano version of it. But Rod Stewart's version isn't too bad either. That being said, it's on MB's latest album, and it's pretty good. I might even listen to it again :-) I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, so I can't give a proper review of all the songs. But can you believe it - he did "You've Got a Friend" - yes, the Toy Story song :-) Life is good.

p.s. I just remembered - about a year ago I dragged my non-crooner-loving friend (NCLF) to a tiny little music hall in Westchester to hear Michael Buble's Trumpet Player. It was totally awesome even if, as my NCLF pointed out, we were the only young people there. I was just sure that Michael Buble' would show up as a surprise guest or something, but the guy was almost as good as MB, that I forgot about my ridiculous fantasy and therefore was not the least bit disappointed when he didn't show up.

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