Wednesday, February 20, 2013

For Girls

I was at Barnes and Noble yesterday and was pleasantly reminded of a line of books that I absolutely loved when I was a kid. American Girl. They make the famous American Girl Dolls and the American Girl Magazine. They also have several books for girls, ages 8-10+, on growing up, taking care of your body, managing feelings, learning to like yourself, social skills, etc. (Note: These are not the same as the books about the dolls/characters....these are written to and about present day american girls) A lot of them are fill-in-the-blank/journal type books, so it's a great way to inspire writing/journaling and expressing one's self.
As far as I know, when I was that age, they only had a couple of them. Their website shows 4 pages of these awesome books. I bought three of them for my niece's upcoming 9th birthday. I think I'm more excited about this than she will be.
Here's the link:

American Girl

Although I'm the only one I know who had these books, I would still recommend these for any girl, 8-12 years old. Especially any girl who is struggling with growing up, anxiety, school, home life....(pretty much any girl that age) along with

one of these pens

I kinda wanted to buy one of these books for myself, but I'm a grown up, now...:-/

*Hides American Girl book behind Teddy Bear*


  1. Then by all means... go here and watch all 8 parts of Samantha: An American Girl Holiday. I think there are others uploaded on youtube.
    Part 1 of 8

  2. The channel is all about American Girls

  3. Oh yay! I'll put this in my favorites and watch it when I'm recovering from surgery this weekend! Thanks, Stefanie :-)