Monday, February 18, 2013

Saturated Fat -specifically BACON

I'm not ready to talk about peanut butter yet, as I only just ordered 5 pounds (FIVE.POUNDS) of raw organic peanuts yesterday, and will have to wait until after my surgery to do anything about them. But I was looking up raw peanut butter recipes, because I wasn't crazy about what I found in "Nourishing Traditions"...and there was one blog I happened upon that mentioned nut butters on bacon, though the blogger denied having ever tried such a made my mouth water and I decided I have to talk about bacon, which is full of saturated fat and "no good for you" according to politically correct nutrition.

I laugh at politically correct nutrition...bwahahahahahaha! Suckers.

I am also entirely too lazy (or my knee hurts and stairs are involved) to get all of my saturated fat info, so I'm going to link to Dr. Mercola's article on 7 reasons to eat more saturated fat because he sounds a lot smarter when he says exactly what I was gonna say, so he might be more convincing. (This is called "lazy blogging")

My main sources of saturated fat are Raw Dairy, Coconut Oil, and Bacon. But bacon is the most important one, because it's the tastiest. I make it often and save the fat in a glass measuring cup and use it for frying potatoes mostly - one of my favorite meals consists of bacon-fried potatoes, spinach and scrambled eggs (or some other animal protein...usually chicken or organic chicken sausage if eggs aren't available) It's easy to make and easy to get everyone else to eat it with me.

What does this have to do with raw peanut butter? I'm gonna put peanut butter on my bacon...I've already done potato chips and nutella (NOT a health food) and Ben and Jerry's Phish Food with potato chips (Also not a health food) so I really don't see what the big deal is, combining these two delicious health foods...

And lookie what I just found in my favorites.... Organic Lard! cheaper than organic bacon (if you're just after the fat), though probably not as tasty.

But remember:


  1. OK Hannah, I am hereeeeeeeeeee. is this about your dreams? Or your allergies

  2. Funny, Celanie. Real funny. :-p

    1. of course I am funny::):). I am full of laughs not lard, baccon, and saturated fats:)

  3. Is this about eating all the things we like to eat?